I am a Security Engineer based in sunny California. I like to think of myself as a specialized generalist, having worked on various areas of software engineering- building backend systems, infrastructure, operations, and security software development.

Previously at Intel Corporation, I worked on building the next generation of developer productivity platforms. I enjoy interacting with several development teams and influencing them towards the new initiatives. Before Intel, I have worked at McAfee LLC, one of the leaders in Cyber Security where I gained depth on securing software and defense against threats.

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from San Jose State University. Go Spartans! I have encountered opportunities and challenges in my career where I worked with talented people on products used across the globe. Outside my regular responsibilities at work, I am very passionate about mentorship (often a mentee and sometimes a mentor!) and initiatives that support STEM education.

I am an avid reader, fitness fanatic and love to spend time outdoors! My mantra- ‘Be the Change you wish to see in the World’.

On this blog, I share my learnings in tech, career development, and wellness. Have ideas/ feedback you would like to discuss with me? I am all ears!

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