“You can make anything by writing.”

–C.S. Lewis

Being in tech, one thing was very evident to me early on.

It is a journey. :sparkles:

One that comes with a myriad of experiences, learnings, changes (both expected and unexpected), and growth.

As I started advancing in my career, my perspective widened. I began to realize that growth really happens outside the comfort zone.

This was my motivation to begin this blog- Kaleidoscope.

My fascination with Kaleidoscopes, it’s patterns and reflections is the inspiration behind the name for the blog. Isn’t life a kaleidoscope?

So here I am!

On my blog, I intend to capture my experiences and learnings as I navigate life and career. My moments of ah damn! oh wow! gotcha! and everything in between.

I will be writing about technical topics as well as soft skills that I learn about getting through this journey.

Exciting as it is- Hello World 😃