Today is my last day at Intel. I began my chapter 1 as an intern in 2015, chapter 2 in 2019 after a year and half working at McAfee. It’s been a quite a ride with lots of learning and challenges too. Here, I have grown immensely both professionally and personally.

As I reflect on my overall experience, I thought I’d share my learnings here briefly:

  1. Career is a marathon and your best career happens at the intersection of your passions, values and strength.

  2. The relationships you build, the people you work with matter . Kindness and empathy goes a long way.

  3. Change is inevitable, Growth is optional.

  4. Know when to persist and when to quit.

  5. Build a network. Who you know and who knows you factors in many ways.

  6. Having strong business acumen and understanding the strategy is important to working on what matters. It is valuable when contributions add value to the business.

  7. Benefits matter to life and career growth.

Until chapter 3..